Horrible Monsters Attack Clintons' Former Home

And they've still got a perfect marriage today! - WonketteThe "Clinton House Museum" in Arkansas -- where Bill and Hillary got married and first plotted to take over the world -- was invaded by tens of thousands of monsters and their evil "queen," who were captured inside a wall by "beekeepers" on Wednesday.

And that reminds us of the beautiful Billary engagement story posted on this bizarre "politics & brides" site (slogan: "Get engaged in the 2008 election") we had the misfortune of coming across the other day.

It seems Bill wanted to get married and Hillary was all "I don't think so" and then they were driving to the airport and she saw a little house and said "oh look a cute house" and then she went to Chicago or something and when she returned to Arkansas a few weeks later Bill said "oh I bought that house so now you have to marry me" and she was all "well okay if you went and bought a house and all" and then they got married in the house and eventually took over the world, with the Bushes, and yesterday the beekeepers took a million bees out of the walls, the end.

Unwanted Visitors Removed From Clinton House Museum [KATV]

Hillary and Bill Clinton's Wedding Story [Brides Decide]


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