Horribly Offensive White House Christmas Tree Ornament Is Decorated In Small Letters Promoting Mildly Controversial Idea


The White House Christmas tree needs many ornaments, so Laura Bush asked some members of Congress to find local artists to make ornaments for the tree. One lady from Seattle, selected by Washington state Representative Jim McDermott, made an ornament that has teeny tiny letters on it chronicling McDermott's efforts to impeach George W. Bush, a sad dunderhead who somehow survived eight whole years of the presidency.

This is sort of tacky, maybe; the equivalent of somebody saying, "Come to my housewarming party" and getting a flaming bag of poo on their doorstep as a house "warming" gift. Except in this situation, it's a house leaving party, and the house was just a rental anyhow, and the once prosperous landlord is now an infuriated hobo, and so the landlord leaves a flaming bag of poo on the steps of the house that the loser renter totally wrecked. The bag of poo is covered in very small letters that say something about impeachment. Metaphor!

Christmas Colors for the White House: Red, White and Impeach [Reliable Source]


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