Horse Paste Officially Horse Sh*t — Science

Put down that horse paste, Meemaw! Turns out, that stuff has no effect on coronavirus, it just makes you shit out the lining of your intestines. Womp womp!

A large-scale study done in Brazil and published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine proved that treatment with the anti-parasitic medicine popularized by professional dipshits like Joe Rogan had zero effect on disease progression in coronavirus patients.

"Treatment with ivermectin did not result in a lower incidence of medical admission to a hospital due to progression of Covid-19 or of prolonged emergency department observation among outpatients with an early diagnosis of Covid-19," the study concluded.

After a solid year of bullshit about the Biden administration trying to keep this supposedly life-saving wonder drug away from Americans, while the Right pretended masks and vaccines were somehow the real danger, it turns out that the damn sheep dip never did anything anyway.

And we'd roll our eyes and say, "Great job, America!" except these motherscratchers are still at it!

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is out with a story today on Karen Mueller, a lawyer from Chippewa Falls who's running for Wisconsin state attorney general on a platform of doing LOCK HER UPS to doctors who murder their patients by depriving them of horse paste. The paper reports that Mueller has a naughty list of six hospitals she plans to investigate for failing to treat patients with totally ineffective veterinary medicine, although she won't be naming and shaming until after the inauguration.

"I am running for Attorney General because of potential homicides in hospitals, because of vaccines — so-called vaccines," Mueller told the Journal-Sentinel.

"What I would do if I became Attorney General is I would open investigations into those deaths and if the facts were substantiated, I would probably bring charges against the people that were responsible for this," she said, referencing testimony by a Dr. Pierre Kory to the US Senate's Homeland Security Committee that taking ivermectin prophylactically could ward off COVID. After which testimony, Dr. Kory ...

... guess ...

... no, you'll never guess ...

... came down with COVID.

Mueller is familiar to election watchers in the Badger State thanks to her shenanigans during the 2020 election, including filing a lawsuit in which her husband Dean, the only named plaintiff, demanded that the state's highest court decertify the election because the use of ballot drop boxes made the vote UNLEGAL.

Here's a fun little snippet, in case Wisconsin voters need a little reminder of what an awesomely excellent lawyer candidate Mueller is.

On the other hand, negative traits such as unfairness, bias, insecurity, chaos, secretiveness and deception in elections destroys trust and truth by any insertion or presence of these negative traits into the election process. Throughout human history it has often been true that unfair and fraudulent elections have ensnared and enslaved people by essentially destroying their ability to make the correct and wise choice. It becomes extremely difficult to do so when TRUTH is hidden and people can no longer discern what to believe. At that point in time reality is bathed in chaos and darkness . .. then freedom and liberty can be destroyed.

Amazingly, the court declined to hear the case.

Mueller continues her, umm, advocacy from her position at the Amos Center for Justice and Liberty, a for-profit company which will nevertheless happily accept your contribution.

Asked about the medical consensus that ivermectin doesn't do diddly, Mueller responded that the CDC and FDA were "liars" and pointed to families "begging for help, trying to figure out what to do because their loved ones were in hospitals and the families believed that those loved ones were basically being murdered. And they had the drugs withheld from them."

Well, bless her heart.


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