Once again, we binge-watched teevee all weekend to bring you Monday's Happy links. How many recaps do we have for you today? All of them, pretty much.

Family-friendly fuzzy dramedy "Parenthood" wrapped up its season last week so now you will have no more Parenthood recaps from us and you will be sad.

At the opposite end of the emotional spectrum, "Game of Thrones" is continuing to utterly fuck with you, the viewer.

"Silicon Valley" featured a whole lot of money going on and an ill-designed t-shirt that evoked dick-sucking, and not in a good way.

Last night's "Mad Men" was equal parts hopeful and hopeless, bleak and wistful, so we told you all about that.

On Veep, we learned how to create and destroy a big political speech

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, the wrongfully convicted African-American boxer whose cause was championed by Bob Dylan when Bob Dylan still championed causes, passed away yesterday at age 76, so we talked at you about that for a bit.

Do you know how tough David Brooks is? He is the very manliest of men and the macho dude you will totally look to in order to find out if Bamz is a wuss or a strongman. SPOILER ALERT: he is a wuss because Vladimir Putin is tough and sexy just like David Brooks.

And of course, we will never stop going full sideboob.


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