Hot for Howard

You know, everyone says Dean's supporters are "passionate," but now we realize that at least a few of them are "clinically obsessed." We don't quite get it: It's one thing to get hot over the young Dean (a preppie hunk with smoldering eyes); it's quite another to get worked up over the now Dean (a neck-less wonk with a grimacing smile). Yet there's a newish site for those lovelorn libs whose bleeding hearts throbs for Dean. Like the official Dean blog, the site is wincingly earnest ("W. is the one child that is going to be left behind!"), unlike the official blog, its delusions go beyond merely imagining that Dean is "electable."

"Meeting him in person is even better. Those eyes melt you into the floor. He kind of glides through the room and his hand when you shake it is warm and soft. OK... I'll stop."throw him your room key already

Please. More than a few posters claim to be "straight" men -- one says his "wife" just "doesn't understand." Civil unions, indeed.

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