Hot Hack-on-Hack Action

When we first read Peggy Noonan's memento mori in Monday's WSJ, we assumed her references to "the Hack" as an opportunistic former Reagan staffer was just Peggy doing her loopy let's-pretend shtick, like when she wrote a memo "from" Paul Wellstone in heaven (that was kind of her) to his supporters. I mean, really: An former White House official who exaggerates his contributions and trades on his influence? Why, next thing you'll be telling is the that the Vice President's office would hand out sweetheart deals to cronies and campaign contributors! Go back to your magical land of fairies and gumdrops, dreamer!

But maybe the WSJ did pull a Page Six, and the Hack is like a blind item for Reagan revolutionaries.

Shall we play the feud? Hints:

He is a former Reagan speechwriter.

He appeared on television as part of Gipperporn, and there are pictures of him with the president.

He has not written a book.

He has hair. (Peggy refers to him as "haircut boy" -- perhaps he's gay? Hmmm.) [Gay haircut boy is a different person entirely. IF he exists. . .]

He is a he.

We'll be Googling. Send us your guesses.

The Ben Elliott Story []


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