Hot Hillary Book Secrets Revealed!

Hot on the heels of the Bill Clinton bio "The Survivor," with its steamy revelations about Hillary's stickiness, comes yet another product of the Clintonophobe cottage industry, "The Truth About Hillary." Already the recipient of a Drudge-whipped froth of possible allegations ("sex and trash"! "The revelations in it should sink her candidacy"!), says a a Vanity Fair excerpt will drop today. (That means Deep Throat and vagina dentata in one issue -- we're totally renewing our subscription.) So what might these "sensational revelations" and "new dirt" add up to? has an exclusive excerpt of the excerpt and it turns out.... Pat Moynihan was not particularly fond of her:

As Liz Moynihan questioned Hillary about her repeated dishonesty, and as Hillary dodged and weaved and lied even more, Pat Moynihan could take it no longer. He stood up and said, 'I have to go up to the Senate.' He left - but actually just went next door to another apartment to get 'away from Hillary.'
Er, right. Are we missing something? Maybe the full excerpt goes on to recount what happened after Pat left, i.e., "Then Liz and Hillary lezzed up." That would be hot.

Vanity Fair to Expose Hillary's "Ugly" Side; Klein's New Book Shaking Up Media Establishment []


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