Hot! Hot! Hot! Mary Carey Press Conference

soft core patriotYes, yes, we know: Porn star and RNCC superdelegate Mary Carey is having a press conference in an hour. We'd love to go, but that would mean getting up off the floor. While we understand that the 90+ degree temperature greatly increases the chances that Carey will undress, the 90+ degree temperatures also greatly increase the chances that Fox News's Brian Wilson will undress and ask some exceedingly "pointed questions." ("Here's my credentials, baby...") Hey, the press conference is open to everyone! Who knows what palsied bloggers might choose that moment to drop their jammies and show a little "link love."

So, no. We're staying put, deep in the recesses of our Dupont aerie, content to imagine the scene that might take place:

Dear Wonkette,

I never thought it would happen to me...

If you choose to go, do drop a line noting what happened, what she's wearing, and what you're wearing. We promise to do the same.

Porn star Mary Carey holding press conference to show off her dress for dinner with President Bush [AmericaBlog]

Bush fete with porn star to raise $23 mil for GOP [World Net Daily]


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