Hot! Hot! Hot! Weather Wusses Forced to Sweat

adorable sweaty tykeOur operatives are everywhere. Out at Silver Spring, for instance, where the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (parent to the National Weather Service) just had a fire drill. The irony is so thick I can taste it. Or maybe that's the gin. Anyhow, our operative reports:

On this, the hottest day of the year, we just had a major fire drill in which half of the buildings in the NOAA Silver Spring complex (two of four high rises) were completely emptied. Employees and visitors had to stand outside in the heat until monitors were assured that we could account for every person. Evidently, we don't listen to our own advice on what to do during high heat days. It's of note that the building containing the National Weather Service was not emptied.
Of course the NWS got to stay in. Someone has to tell us how dangerous it is to be outside.

Current temp: 86 degrees. Also, WTOP gets our first WeatherPorn alert: Cute kid cooling off! Aw... I'm going to stick my face in a fan now.

Zoe stays cool at the Splash Park in Germantown, Md. [WTOP]


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