Hot Sexy New American Tea Party Meets Tomorrow!

Hot Sexy New American Tea Party Meets Tomorrow!

Apparently there is a new political party organized around the insane rantings of the Prophet Rick Santelli, a non-bald Chicago floor-trading version of Joe the Plumber. The New American Tea Party may fill in the civic vacuum created by the collapse of the Paultard movement, as it combines a concern with fiscal responsibility, Liberty, and earnestly organizing demonstrations in DC. Are you free tomorrow around noon?

We are meeting at Lafayette Square Park at noon on Friday. This is just north of the White house, and two blocks south of the Farragut North Metro station (very easy to get to from CPAC). If you’re on the orange/blue lines, take the McPherson Square metro stop. [...]

Please bring cameras, especially ones with video, American flags, and tea bags if you can find any to swing around the air. We’ll also have a very special surprise for the event.

We’re expecting a little rain. We’re going to go ahead and do this though, rain or shine. Liberty-minded people need to show that when the cause is worthy, they *will* rally. Let’s overturn the current wisdom that only activists can organize.

This group has gotten some media coaching, so that's neat! The bit about the tea bags, though -- that is just not good television. A tea bag is dinky, brown, and does not "swing around the air" very impressively. Better to tar and feather a tax collector, and then shoot them with a musket.

A few updates. [New American Tea Party]


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