Hot: That New Joe Biden Ad. Not: FIGHTING A AUDIENCE, JOE.

This is not a post about supporting Joe Biden or not supporting Joe Biden or anything like that. We are already tired of your fucking circular firing squad, and at this point, we just hope somebody survives it and has the energy/reputation left to beat Trump next November.

But hey, did y'all see that Joe Biden ad that dropped last night, capitalizing on world leaders at NATO mocking and LOLing at Donald Trump, about how the entire world is laughing at our dumbass president, with alllll those clips of Trump getting laughed at by everybody who ever lived? It is a good fuckin' ad! It is the kind of ad every Dem who can afford it should be running right now, not least because it'll get right under Trump's thin loserbaby skin.


Laughed At | Joe Biden for


Now on another Joe Biden subject entirely ...

An old guy at an event in Iowa today asked Biden about his son's work in Ukraine. It was very both-sides-y "Trump's messin' around in Ukraine, but so are you" horseshit. He said Biden "sent" his son Hunter to Ukraine, and that Hunter was "selling access" to President Obama, and he knew this because he seen it on the Fox News! And yes, that is all obvious bullshit and Fox News lies to its viewers and it's been roundly debunked.

But Biden's response was to ... call the guy a "damn liar." John McCain reassuring Granny Metamucil Farts that Barack Obama is not a terrorist Ay-Rab it was not.

When the guy sort of questioned whether Biden might be slightly too #OldBalls to run for president, Biden challenged him to do some push-ups with him. When the guy backed off accusing Biden of doing bad things in Ukraine, Biden told him to "get your words straight, Jack!" The guy told Biden he heard about Biden doing bad besmirches in Ukraine on MSNBC too. Joe said THE FUCK YOU DID. The guy told Joe, "it looks like you don't have any more backbone than Trump does!"

Obviously not the most ideal voter interaction of all time?

Joe Biden to voter: You're a damn liar,

Now, to be fair ...


Maybe Joe Biden saw that guy comin'. Maybe he has seen that guy before. Maybe he knew it was just James O'Keefe wearing an "old" suit.

But still, Joe, GODDANGIT.

We want you to push back on this bullshit! We are impeaching Trump for it, fergodsake.

But like ... not this way? Because, like, there are cameras on you all the time at these events and it's just not generally good practice to try to challenge voters to meet you behind the gym after fifth period?

Maybe instead of "YOU are a damned liar," try "SEAN HANNITY is a damned liar." And explain why!

Maybe instead of "I CHALLENGE YOU TO A PUSH-UPS CONTEST," try challenging them to do trust-falls or something? Or, like, avoid physical conflict/contact entirely?

We are just spit-balling here.

Anyway, really fuckin' good ad. When we saw it, it was literally the first time in this entire primary where we actually felt like Biden was actually in this game.


The end. And OPEN THREAD.

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Now who do you know who needs a JOE BIDEN FIGHT MUG?

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