Hotline Straw Poll Results: Dye Jobs Win Out Over Distinguished Grey

Here it is: The Poll that will decide the next Republican Candidate for the Presidency, a historic, life-changing moment, certain to be discussed for years to come as the first sign of a great sea change in American Politics:

strawpoll.jpg, to sum up, people from Tennessee like the Senator from Tennessee, a surprising number of Republicans are either in opposition to or don't remember the 22nd Amendment, and White Guys: Still Big in '08!

It almost looks like the poll question was "which of the following names makes you feel the most like remaining stupifyingly drunk for the next 6-10 years," but then we'd expect Brownback to score a little higher, so we've really got no explanation.

Confidential to C.H.: You were allowed to vote for yourself, you know.

SRLC Straw Poll: Frist Wins; Romney Second [Hotline]


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