Hotsoup, Cool Treats

Hotsoup, the new website from former AP hotshot Ron Fournier, Mack McKinnon, Joe Lockhart, and a couple other names you see everywhere in Washington but can't ever figure out why, launched this week. We first told you about it back in July, and we've been shivering with anticipation ever since. What is HotSoup? It's this thing, see... like a message board, sorta. Or Facebook + CNN Instant Polls. And a blog. Everything's a blog now. But it's attracted the attention of a lot of Washington Insiders. Everyone -- and we mean everyone -- is on it:


So go check it out! It's all about social networking, and the grassroots, and shit like that! With Lance Armstrong! And every single link is Javascript and they don't work half the time! But you can use it to play awesome arcade games.

Henry Kissinger [Hotsoup]

From Hotsoup to the High Score -- In Missile Command [Extreme Mortman]

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