Hotty McRedhead Quits White House, Still Lies About Iraq

Bye, Hottie McRedhead - WonketteOne of the Bush Administration's top Iraq bumblers is quitting after four disastrous years. After fucking up everything from the pre-invasion plans to the provisional government, Meghan O'Sullivan will give up her current post as deputy national security adviser for Iraq and Afghanistan, she announced Monday.

What next for the wonk who put the "sexy" back in Endless Horror and Outrage? Obviously she'll go right to work for Halliburton in the company's new Dubai headquarters, where she'll be far out of reach of American Justice ... assuming, for the moment, that American Justice will someday return from its long holiday.

O'Sullivan told the Washington Post: "I'm leaving with enormous confidence in the strategy and the very, very strong belief that this is the right strategy at this time. It's the strategy that has the best prospect for success." And then she burst out laughing and lit a cigar with a hundred-dollar bill.

Iraq Adviser Departs Optimistic [Washington Post]


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