House Declines Trump Offer To Piss On Military, Votes To Override Veto Of Defense Spending Bill

As Republicans beat their chests and howl on Fox News about Trump staying in office after January 20, they've given the clearest sign yet that they know the game is up. Yesterday 109 House Republicans voted to override the president's veto of the annual defense spending bill, openly defying him for the first time in four years.

Naturally, Trump took the setback with grace and his customary diplomacy.

You forgot to scream SOCIALISM, sir. But good use of racial slurs and implied threats to Mitch McConnell.

Last week, President Addlepate vetoed the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act, which funds, among other things, military pay raises and upgrades to the nation's cybersecurity.

In a statement which was only marginally more coherent than the above tweet, Trump called the bill "a 'gift' to China and Russia" and castigated his own party, which overwhelmingly supported the law, because "[y]our failure to terminate the very dangerous national security risk of Section 230 will make our intelligence virtually impossible to conduct without everyone knowing what we are doing at every step."

He's angry that Congress wants him to quit blowing up our entire national defense strategy on a whim, and he's bigly mad that bases named for Confederate traitors might be rechristened, thanks to Elizabeth Warren's amendment to the NDAA which passed the Republican Senate, because culture war today, culture war tomorrow, culture war forever. But most of all, he's pissed at Google, Twitter, and Facebook for being mean to him, i.e., calling him out for lying his ass off and belatedly refusing to allow their sites to be used to spread political disinformation, and he's hellbent on kneecapping the companies. Section 230 makes it so tech companies (and recipe hubs) aren't liable for user-generated content posted on their platforms. And yet the Cruzes and Hawleys and Grahams want to turn it on its head so it's illegal to ban, say, Proud Boys (or just garden variety lies) from one's platform, because doing so isn't "politically neutral." That's Trump's "vital national security."

But Republicans were not about to be dragged over the "defund the troops" cliff with that nutbag.

"It's the exact same bill. Not a comma has changed," ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee Mac Thornberry urged his Republican compatriots yesterday. And many of them agreed, passing the legislation 322-to-87, well past the two-thirds margin needed to override the president's veto.

So now this turd falls into Mitch McConnell's holiday punchbowl, next to the $2,000 COVID relief bill turd Trump dropped last week, forcing Ol' Yertle to drag his members back to DC over the holiday to raise a glass of E. coli to the fearless leader.

Is this what Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue wanted to be doing the week before their Senate runoff elections in Georgia? It is not! They're already in a tough fight and now, instead of campaigning, they're stuck in Washington having to decide between the troops and President Arty McDeals. Also, the extra $2,000 COVID payouts they've derided as foul socialism, which Poppy Loonytunes has decided at the eleventh hour are essential.

Lie down with dogs, etc.

"The President's reckless veto would have denied our servicemembers hazard duty pay; our families paid family leave, child care, housing improvements and health protections; and our veterans their benefits," Speaker Nancy Pelosi said after the vote, calling on the president to "end his eleventh-hour campaign of chaos, and stop using his final moments in office to obstruct bipartisan and bicameral action to protect our military and defend our security." Crazy Nancy tweet incoming in 3 ...2 ...

The Senate is back in session today to debate the COVID bill and the NDAA override. The vote will take place tonight or tomorrow and will likely deliver the first override of Trump's presidency. Unless Mitch McConnell, who just won another six-year term and faces no challenge to his leadership, blinks in the face of threats to "Negotiate a better Bill, or get better leaders, NOW!"

Yeah, probably not.

[Roll Call / Politico]

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