Oh hooray, the House Republicans also have a underhanded bullshit scheme to completely gut America's environmental protections:

Instead of moving stand-alone legislation or openly debating the merits of gutting America's environmental protections, the House is trying to sneak more than 40 anti-environment amendments and policy riders to the Interior Appropriations bill.

And that's even before it comes to the floor, where many members of Congress have already announced plans to amend the bill and make it even worse.

There are too many dangerous provisions to go into details on each, but some of the most outrageous that have already been added include:

  • Blocking EPA from regulating deadly pollution like mercury, smog, and soot from power plants and cement plants. The pollution that these facilities would then be allowed to spew could cause up to 27,800 premature deaths.
  • Opening up lands immediately next to the Grand Canyon to uranium mining, despoiling one of the most iconic landscapes in the United States, and potentially contaminating its waters with radioactivity.
  • Stripping Clean Water Act protections for the drinking water sources of 117 million Americans.
  • Driving endangered plants and animals to extinction, by preventing federal agencies from listing any species as endangered or protecting their critical habitats.

Go here and sign this thing and maybe let some people know, if you know anybody who actually gives a hoot about poison raining from the sky or America's remaining public lands being raped & destroyed so the Koch Brothers can make a few more million somewhere like the Grand Canyon. [Earth Justice/Common Dreams]


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