House Hispanic Caucus Running Low on Saucy, No-Nonsense Congresswomen

They're so sassy! - WonketteLoretta Sanchez quit the House Hispanic Caucus last January, because its head, Joe Baca, called her a "whore" (allegedly, but he totally did).

Now, months later, her sister Linda (the funny one) is following suit. We can only imagine what he called her.

This leaves the female membership of the caucus even easier for Baca to ignore, as there are only like four of them left. Caucuses, as we understand them, are basically like Facebook groups for Congress, so the ladies really oughtta band together and start the "We Love Hot A$$ Latina Girls Caucus." They'd beat the Hispanic Caucus in membership by May.

2nd female lawmaker quits Congressional Hispanic Caucus [AP]


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