House Republicans All Excited To Pass Their Little Health Care Repeal

House Republicans All Excited To Pass Their Little Health Care Repeal

Ever since last year's health care reform law passed, Republicans in Congress have dreamed of the day they would walk down the aisle of the House floor and give their hand in marriage to its repeal, and taking health care coverage back away from American citizens. For months they fantasized about repeal coming to whisk them away from their pitiful minority existence. Republicans went out and bought the dresses they would wear on the day they were finally able to stand before God and man and declare their eternal love for denying access to health care, put them on, and stood in front of the mirror, wondering if that day would ever come. And now that the party has a majority in the House, this dream of a pointless exercise will finally come true: it's happening on January 12. Save the date!

The announcement Monday sets up the attempted repeal of the health-care law as the first significant legislative action by House Republicans in the 112th Congress. With 242 members on their side, Republicans expect to pass the legislation easily, but they privately acknowledge that the measure faces a high hurdle in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? They mean to tell us that the Democrats in control of the Senate and presidency don't want to scrap the law they wanted for decades, and spent months on end struggling to pass, killing Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd in the process? Those meanies. CAN'T YOU SEE THESE CRAZY KIDS ARE IN LOVE?

In the next Congress, passing pointless bills like those that congratulate sports teams on their championships will not be tolerated. But pretending that the health care law can be repealed, so that health care can be taken away from those no-good not-health-care-having Americans? That's God's work. And it is pretty much the only thing the House will do all term, unless they can find a way to dig up ACORN and kill it again. [WP]


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