House Republicans Just Begging To Be Beaten By Liberal Website


Baby farming is un-American!There's an exciting new trend in these Final Days of the campaign: Some far-right wingnut congressperson goes crazy on the teevee or at one of these Palin Smackdown Trailer-Park Freakouts, and the Daily Kos site declares Financial War on the Republican representative, who of course is up for re-election on November 4 like every member of the House, and the snarling money-having liberals quickly give the dingbat's opponent half-a-million dollars, overnight.

This clown fell right into the trap when he let himself be videotaped doing, uh, this:

[youtube expand=1]

To which Kos, of the DailyKos, says: "Take a look at that video, and tell me if this is someone who will do anything but try and obstruct the Obama/Pelosi agenda? Let's get rid of him."

The link goes to, of course, a Dem fund-raising form for this clown Mario Diaz-Balart's opponent, Joe Garcia, who has already picked up $40K from this Kos thing posted a few minutes ago. It's crazy.

While this trick isn't entirely new -- Republican congresspeople are cretins, and DailyKos readers are angry libtards -- it reached a new level of outrage this weekend, after batshit-lunatic Michelle Bachmann went on the Hardball show and called all the Dem candidates in America "anti-American" and demanded show trials and executions of all liberal traitors in, uh, Congress. It was funny!

So funny, in fact, that the Kos Kids quickly raised $640,000 for Bachmann's opponent, a friendly hobbit nobody had ever heard of before Friday night.

Even as Rep. Michele Bachmann said she had been misunderstood, strong reaction Sunday to her claim that Barack Obama "may have anti-American views" brought an unexpected shakeup to the race in Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District ....

Meanwhile, Elwyn Tinklenberg, Bachmann's DFL opponent, said Sunday that her remarks about Obama triggered a surge of contributions to his campaign that will allow him to wage a more vigorous media campaign.

Tinklenberg's campaign said that in the 48 hours after Bachmann's remarks, $640,000 from nearly 13,000 people came in to his campaign. That is more than all donations he received during the entire third quarter.

Suddenly, Bachmann race looks different [Minneapolis Star Tribune]


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