House Republicans Turn SCHIP into Simpsons Joke

schip_fact_logo.gifThis mindfuck of a press release came today from the House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans. It's called "Bipartisonship on SCHIP!" (it rhymes... hah) and presents the kid's health thing through the lens of two characters from the Simpsons, "Republican Senate Hopeful" Montgomery Burns and Springfield Mayor Joe Quimby (D). We at Wonkette have been studying this for hours but, frankly, those hours have been a waste. I think Mr. Burns is an anti-hero and Joe Quimby is a tragic hero, and surely hubris and dramatic irony come into play somewhere. Coming soon, George W. Bush's health savings accounts proposal as elucidated by Hannah Montana.

Bipartisanship on SCHIP! [House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans]


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