House Republicans Want Dat Dere Nippletini Woman At DHS Fahrred Fur Good


House Republicans now want Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano fired after her department released that memo warning of the "fertile recruiting environment for right-wing extremists" that America has become due to the loss of all national wealth, the black president, shitty immigration policy, and the general idiocy of many American citizens. While the memo was initiated during the Bush administration and followed the release of another memo in January warning about left-wing extremists, Republicans are claiming that Napolitano wants to arrest them all -- the entire conservative wing of the country -- for some petty partisan non-issue grounded in no factual evidence whatsoever. As Tex Rep. John Carter says above, dadgummit, FAHHR DAT WOMAN. And after the jump, a familiar Congresswoman gets her say as well...

[youtube expand=1]

Michele holy shit it IS insane that Barack Obama wants to arrest those who don't agree with his non-existent tax hikes on white people! (Says the woman who is constantly calling for Revolution.)

Napolitano Facing Republican Calls For Her Ouster [ABC News]

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