How About "Li'l Freezies?"

We found Kerry's aforementioned intern. She's in a wheelchair. More importantly:

But senators opposed to stem cell research have also sought to put a human face on their views. Senator Sam Brownback, Republican of Kansas, appeared at the Capitol yesterday with the parents of "snowflake babies" -- children adopted as embryos from fertility clinics and carried to term by their adoptive mothers.

Oh christ, we thought Brownback made that term up. "Snowflake babies" doesn't make sense as a metaphor! Do snowflakes develop into snowballs through some biological process previously unknown to us? Would using stem cells for research count as catching a flake on one's tongue or building a snow fort? What strategist thought up this term anyway? We could've come up with something way better. Like:

  • Kidsicles

  • TCBChildren

  • Frozen Souls

  • Abominable Snow Babies

  • Dippin' Tots -- the Babies of the Future!

Intern's presence puts a face in the debate [Boston Globe]


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