How An Underemployed Michigan Rocker Chick Became The Cocaine Queen Of '80s L.A.

This is the stuff of Martin Scorsese movies, only without the inevitable stylized downfall. It’s been over five years since the following was published in Los Angeles City Beat, and I still think the cream of Cissie’s con was to run her operation wide open in the middle of a Hollywood then busy blaming the nation’s Drug Problem on ghetto pushers and slippin’ gangbangers. The period’s culture let her hide in plainest of sight, luck had little to do with how she operated, and she was long gone when the last hammer went down.

Cissie abides and I still hear from her now and then, What follows reminds us that while even the most charming rogues aren’t perfect, occasionally their crimes are.

We made you a story about gangsters thugs and smugglers nice white ladies who just happened to run drugs for the Medellin cartel. Did you do coke in Los Angeles in the 1980s? Don't lie. Meet the lady who sold it to you. With bonus appearances by Donna Rice, sort of! GO HERE.

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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