Thanks for nothing.Thanks to her support for Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey is now one of the most reviled women in America. In her presidential endorsement the once-beloved talk show host chose race over gender, thus earning the scorn of millions of old white women who had never before suspected their favorite billionaire media baroness was of the Negro persuasion. Now that the cat's out of the bag, Oprah's popularity has eroded considerably.

Once, a whopping 74 percent of Americans liked her. By December of 2007, a month she spent shilling for Obama, her favorability ratings sunk to around 55 percent -- about on par with Adolf Hitler shortly after he was found raping a crippled baby in a Minneapolis airport men's room.

Even worse, Oprah's core of support is now fleeing to a LESBIAN for comfort. Nearly half of the people who participated in an AOL Television popularity poll said that Ellen DeGeneres was the daytime talk show host who "made their day." A measly 19 percent chose Oprah. Most people also said that they would prefer to dine with Ellen over lecturey old Oprah.

This is what she gets for having political opinions.

Obama supporter Oprah takes a big dive [Politico]

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