How Can Amy Coney Barrett F*ck It Up Today? Liveblogging Day Three!

What can we say about the first day of the Amy Coney Barrett hearings?


She can't answer any of your questions, because that would be improper, even when the question is "Should there be a peaceful transfer of power?" Will she recuse herself from any election-related cases, since she's only being fast-tracked to help steal Donald Trump the election? She can't say. Will she kill Obamacare and hurt millions of people? She's not telling. Will she fuck over people who have a "sexual preference" that is LGBT, because that is literally what she said? She can't say.

She can't say what she really thinks about Roe, even though we all know what she thinks about Roe. (It's just a precedent, but not a SUPER DUPER precedent, which would mean she'd have to respect it.) Is abortion a constitutional right? Well, these cases say it is, not that Amy Comet Ping-Ping is endorsing these cases. She's an originalist, except for when "original" doesn't comport with her personal bigoted feelings.

And so forth. She's a real asshat. Read yesterday's liveblog to catch up!

Today the senators will each have another 20 minutes to ask questions. And we're liveblogging it again! But as a treat afterward, we are VOTING AGAINST THESE FUCKERS TODAY.

Have you made your voting plan? Make your voting plan while you watch this garbage, which should give you more motivation to make your voting plan, to get rid of all the fuckers who made this happen.

Live: Amy Coney Barrett Senate Confirmation Hearings | Day 3 | NBC

9:04: As we begin today, Lindsey Graham is whining about Kamala Harris's questioning of ACB last night, which was awesome. Graham is upset that Harris was just TOO MEAN to ACB.

Also he says ACB is going to shatter barriers for conservative (white) women and that he's never been more proud of any nominee than he is of ACB.

Fuck off and go lose a Senate seat, Lindsey.

9:12: Lindsey Graham says it is not ACB's fault the group who created the statement she signed about abortion being "barbaric" also thinks in vitro fertilization should be criminalized. All she did was endorse the group, by signing their thing! Gosh, you guys, what are you all being so unfair about?

9:23: Lindsey concludes by saying he's just really glad all the little wingnut girls will finally have a grown wingnut lady to look up to, somebody who shows that you can be a white bigot lady who achieves great things, yadda yadda. Guess all those videos of Karens fucking up Walmarts and asking to see the manager weren't enough.

Feinstein now.

9:27: Feinstein is VERY IMPRESSED with ACB's explanation of "severability," five gold stars and no abortions awarded! She says it is like a Jenga game -- if you pull these parts out of a law, will it still stand, or will it fall down and everybody will be like "WHOAAAA ALL FALL DOWN"?

9:29: FEINSTEIN: Is Medicare constitutional? Some idiot says it's not.

ACB: I don't know! Just like I don't know if Donald Trump can unilaterally move the election!

FEINSTEIN: Cut the clip, MSNBC.

9:32: FEINSTEIN: Whaddya think of the Voting Rights Act? Your dead pal Scalia didn't like it.

ACB: We're not THE SAME PERSON. I think it was pretty good, for the Civil Rights Movement. But I can't really say things about it, because I am not allowed to say things, because Shelby County v. Holder has been "controversial," and I can't talk about things that are "controversial."

9:40: FEINSTEIN: Will you rule based on the Constitution, or on what you think Jesus is whispering in your ear?

ACB: Jesus he knows me and he knows I'm right, been talkin' to Jesus all my life.

(ACB is giving an explanation of when stare decisis matters and what it doesn't. She says her writings on the subject have been taken out of context.)

And Feinstein finishes by welcoming ACB's giant-ass family again.

Time for Chuck Grassley, who somehow was a better Judiciary chair than Lindsey Graham, that's how much Lindsey Graham sucks.

9:46: Grassley says it's time to GET REAL, no more APPLESAUCE! Democrats are doing a charade, because they don't even care about Obamacare! They just want to do Medicare for All, even though Joe Biden did not run on that!

Speaking of, Grassley had some advice for Trump yesterday, and it was in English:

9:48: Here is Lindsey Graham referring to the "good old days of segregation." He was trying to be sarcastic, but we'd hate for the Lincoln Project to cut it into an ad out of context, considering how Jaime Harrison is really close to beating him on November 3.

9:58: Today would be a good day for Democrats to stop talking about detailed crap about how ACB might or might not rule on Obamacare, and just to loudly start yelling "THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT."

10:04: ACB has not heard about all this voter disenfranchisement and how they've been removing polling places and the long lines in predominantly Black areas, and if that relates to the Voting Rights Act, she can't comment on it, because it's a case. Judges are not allowed to talk about things that are cases.

PAT LEAHY: Can you even say that people of color face more trouble voting than anybody else?

ACB: I cannot say a thing.

10:06: LEAHY: I understand not commenting on ongoing cases, but judges don't have to IGNORE REALITY.

10:07: LEAHY: Do presidents have to obey the Supreme Court or can they just say fuck off?

ACB: I know Trump's other nominees said no man is above the law, but it's not like SCOTUS can do anything about it if they say fuck off. But if somebody else wants to enforce SCOTUS's rulings, I guess that's cool.

10:12: LEAHY: If you're such an "originalist," why do you think the framers put the Emoluments Clause in there?

ACB: To prevent foreign influence on presidents, not that I can say anything about that as it relates to Donald Trump, that would be improper. Because it is under litigation! Somewhere!

10:16: ACB says it is totally OK to overrule precedent sometimes, and to give some examples, she is going to list some really good liberal opinions like Lawrence v. Texas, in order to weasel you into thinking maybe ACB thinks those liberal opinions are good and she doesn't want to overturn them.

Now we have John Cornyn, so the next 20 minutes will be an absolute waste. He wants to "wax philosophical" with ACB for a few minutes.

10:21: Cornyn is bitching that there was not "consensus" on Obamacare, without mentioning that the GOP has become a racist authoritarian obstructionist piece of shit un-American party with which there can never been "consensus," and it's been that way since Barack Obama was elected.

In other words, go fuck yourself, John Cornyn.

10:41: As we said, Cornyn was boring.

In other news, Amy Coney Barrett is unable to say whether the president has the right to unilaterally deny a person of a certain race the vote, because that is a "hypothetical."

Christ, what an asshole.

10:53: Oh boy, we are just really rehashing all of yesterday, aren't we? Democrats: Today should not feel like deja vu.

In case you missed Kamala Harris last night, it was awesome. She spoke directly to the American people for like the first 10 minutes before then hammering the shit out of that asshole. Yes, she is running for vice president, so that is why she talked directly to America, but that doesn't mean the other senators can't do that too.

WATCH: Sen. Kamala Harris questions Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney

10:57: Oh good, it is time for Mike Lee again. Yesterday, he whined about how NINE IS THE ONLY NUMBER OF JUDGES THAT IS GOOD, NINE, NOT ELEVEN, JUST NINE!

Today he wants to talk about religious freedom, because he is a Mormon, and he is persecuted. Indeed, Amy Comey Barrett probably thinks he is going to hell. Likewise, Mike Lee probably thinks Amy Coney Barrett isn't even getting her own planet to rule over when she dies.

What a pickle.

11:07: Mike Lee's parlor trick today is to show a few times Amy Coney Barrett was presented with anti-abortion cases SO STUPID she was required to rule on the side of the Constitution and sanity, in order to prove she is not BIASSSSS.

It is not a very good parlor trick.

11:16: Sheldon Whitehouse is back to talk about dark money Federalist Society judicial incest that made ACB the nominee. He's doing this right after Mike Lee finished with some dumb crap about how nice ACB is to her law clerks.

11:18: WHITEHOUSE: Brett Kavanaugh was under an ethics investigation when he was nominated to SCOTUS, and that stopped the investigation. You under any investigations like he was? Because he is a well-known BAD ETHICS guy.

ACB: I don't think so!

Whitehouse is such a dick, he just did that for fun.

11:20: WHITEHOUSE: The Supreme Court doesn't have the same ethics standards as lower courts, and has the lowest requirements for disclosing emoluments. That's fucked up. You wanna fix that when you go to the Court, or are you a bad ethics and emoluments lady?

GRAHAM: Actually I like this question, sort of. How do you feel about that?

ACB: I am very good at ethics and emoluments!

11:30: Whitehouse's questioning is long and winding, but it's about dark money, anti-union groups going through the courts at their own specifically chosen paces, literally picking and choosing the composition of the Court they want. Sometimes they wait until somebody dies and Donald Trump can make a replacement, sometimes they literally go into court and ask them to dismiss their case, because the Supreme Court isn't just right.

Interesting discussion.

11:33: WHITEHOUSE: Do you meet with people who submit amicus briefs while cases are going? Is it possible to not even know who REALLY submitted or funded an amicus brief? These are all really easy yes or no questions that you can totally answer.

(He is still doing his master class on dark money influencing the Court, like we said.)

11:37: Oh good, it is time for Ted Cruz to jerk off into soup cans. He says it is "good news" that ACB is going to be confirmed, because the Democrats haven't even asked any questions about her record. He says Democrats only have "political attacks."

Hey, so, in Memphis where we live, today is the first day of early voting, and we are seeing pictures on Facebook of early voting lines like we have NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Because ACB might not be able to answer questions, but the American voters sure are. Just thought you might like to know that.

Cruz now whining that the Democrats aren't even here for the hearing. Dick Durbin is like fuck you, all you Republicans have COVID, they're in their offices.

Also we'd note that this is a sham and we're going to be lobbying for Congress to add seats to the court starting November 4, if Kavanaugh and Barrett don't GTFO.

11:41: Cruz GOTCHAS that Obamacare premiums have gone way up, without mentioning that they've gone up because the GOP has been skullfucking Obamacare and chipping away at it ever since it went into effect, which has had the intended result of making premiums go up, because when Republicans can't win by winning, they win by ratfucking things.


11:46: CRUZ: Does the Federalist Society even give you orders?

ACB: No, they launder their orders through other cut-out groups.

HAHAHAHA, she did not say that, that would be far more forthcoming than conservatives are willing to be.

11:49: Ted Cruz says Democrats are the REAL dark money, and to prove it, he is showing that some judge who likes Planned Parenthood made some political donations in the past. Mmhmm.

11:50: The point is that Ted Cruz, just like yesterday, is more concerned about Sheldon Whitehouse being mean to the Federalist Society than he is about even talking to Amy Coney Barrett. Does Whitehouse have a game going in his office to see how well he can laser pointer Ted Cruz off a cliff?

11:52: LOL Ted Cruz "school choice" -- an issue that is on no real civil rights organization's agenda, because real civil rights organizations aren't about destroying public schools for all kids so that corporations and churches can take over schooling -- "is the civil rights issue of the next century."

Love it when white racist Republicans talk about what is the civil rights issue of the next century.

11:55: And now Cruz is going to jerk off in soup cans by whining about so-called "court-packing." Whine whine whine whine whine.

As if the GOP hasn't spent the Trump administration packing the courts with 24-year-old Westboro Baptist protesters, because Mitch McConnell created all these vacancies for Trump by refusing to give Obama's nominees hearings.

Shouldn't Ted be off somewhere failing to defend his wife from Trump calling her ugly?


12:32: And we are back! Amy Klobuchar begins by reminding everyone that this is bullshit.

12:38: Klobuchar reminds us again that we already know who this nominee is and what she hates:

HATES: Obamacare.

LOVES: Killing Obamacare.


LOVES: Killing Roe.

HATES: marriage laws that let any old person with a "sexual preference" she doesn't like get married.

LOVES: killing Obergefell probably.

But ACB just insisted again she has no ANIMUS toward Obamacare! Scouts honor, officer!

12:42: Klobuchar is not buying that ACB was not literally auditioning for the Supreme Court when she wrote several years ago a veritable screed against Obamacare.

KLOBUCHAR: Hey, didn't you ALSO write that it's bad when people litigate things in the Court because they keep losing them legislatively "fair and square"?

ACB: I did.

KLOBUCHAR: Well, these Republicans have tried to repeal Obamacare 70 times. So ...

12:47: KLOBUCHAR: Hey, don't you think that if you have THREE JUSTICES on the Court nominated by Trump, if there is election litigation, especially in light of what happened in Bush v. Gore, would undermine the integrity of the Court?

ACB: I still will not commit to recuse myself from election litigation, that is not what people who bought me this nomination want to happen.

12:51: Now ACB cannot even answer questions about whether it is OK for reporters to protect their sources, especially in this climate where Trump and Republicans attack journalists all day. You know, "ongoing litigation."

Of course, groups like the Federalist Society make sure that ALL things they don't like are "ongoing litigation," because they flood the courts with bullshit lawsuits. Indeed, it is a wonder they're not currently doing "ongoing litigation" to reverse Brown v. Board of Education.

Anyway, now it is time for bullshit cutesy flirting from Ben Sasse, because that's what substance-free people do.

12:59: Ben Sasse does not want cameras in the Supreme Court because he says that will make the Supreme Court like Michael Avenatti, which would be very bad.

1:02: SASSE: What are the five freedoms of the First Amendment?

ACB: Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.

Just kidding, she got four of them, but forgot the one about freedom to petition the government, part of which includes ... oh nothing, just what ACB does for a living.

1:15: Ben Sasse went off on his own tangent, sorry, we fell asleep.

CHRIS COONS; Do you think Griswold was wrongly decided? You know, the one that allowed contraception?

ACB: I cannot answer, but I will at least say that I think the chances of that coming into the court is pretty slim.

COONS: Other SCOTUS justices have felt free to talk about it. Seriously, you can answer this question.

ACB: Nope, I am the woman version of Clarence Thomas, therefore I do not talk.


Anyway, it is time for Commander Hawley to talk to Serena Joy again. He says we are trying to "Bork" Amy Coney Barrett, by reading words from her record.

1:38: Commander Hawley says Serena Joy is an INDEPENDENT WOMAN!

Oh no, you guys, it is Amy Coney Barrett's theme song, because she is so independent!

Kelly Clarkson - Miss

1:39: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Commander Hawley is doing HUNTER BIDEN BURISMAS! in the Amy Coney Barrett hearing.

She is not biting.

1:41: Commander Hawley is VERY MAD TODAY that Facebook is censoring that stupid already-debunked New York Post story on HUNTER BIDEN'S EMAILS!11!1!! (You know, because the story came from Rudy Giuliani's laptop, which means it's most likely Russian propaganda.)

What a fucking clown.

1:54: Haha, chortle, Amy Coney Barrett had a whole glass of wine last night, because yesterday was so hard, haha LOL giggle snort!

1:57: God appears to have cut Amy Coney Barrett's mic.

1:58: While we are on this unplanned break, two things: the Griswold case about contraception may not be likely to come before the Court again, but it is a DAMNED LIE to say anti-abortion assholes are not trying to ban birth control. They very much are.

Also, Liz wrote you a great article today on FUCK YEAH COURT-PACKING and you should read it.

2:40: And we are back!

Richard Blumenthal is very disappointed that ACB cannot say out loud whether she thinks IVF should be criminalized.

BLUMENTHAL: Should the Courts decide the next election?

ACB: Elections are for voting. By people.

Wow, answers. Weird.

2:43: ACB says Brown v. Board was correctly decided.

And that Loving was correctly decided, because it followed from Brown.

And that Griswold ... OH DANGIT, SHE CANNOT ANSWER AGAIN ABOUT WHETHER PEOPLE SHOULD BE ABLE TO HAVE CONTRACEPTION. Blumenthal says he is "stunned" that she cannot just say yes and she would have been in the majority.

Lawrence v. Texas, over whether gay sex could be criminalized? ACB cannot answer whether it was correctly decided.

She cannot express agreement or disagreement with precedents of the Supreme Court. At least not the two we just mentioned. Or Obergefell. Not that one.

2:55: ACB can't say whether she thinks global warming is caused by humans, probably because global warming is an ONGOING CASE that is happening right now.

Also she does not know what Trump's views on climate change are. She just has no clue. Which leads us to wonder what asshole she lives up inside that she hasn't heard about this.

3:00: Oh my god the sound is fucked up again and this time they're just going with it. MSNBC is like fuck this. Let us see if we can still get it on the goddamn livestream.

Anyway, Blumenthal's questioning was interesting and revelatory, just like it was yesterday.

Main idea: She will only say the cases that involve THE MOST RACISM, that mostly happened before she was born, are OK. Nothing else.

3:15: And now we are back again, KILL THE MIC AGAIN, RUTH BADER GINSBURG!

Anyway, something something Thom Tillis, who is losing even more in his Senate race than he was last month.

3:20: LOL Thom Tillis just baselessly alleged that Amy Comet Ping-Pong's "constitutional rights" have been violated in this confirmation process, and asked why, after all, would she even want to do this?

Um, because she is a Federalist Society hack and she has been auditioning for this role for years?

3:30: Tillis literally asking ACB if she is GOING to be judging whether people were able to cast valid ballots. Even she is being like "Um I don't know what kind of election disputes might come up, but ..."

Go lose your fucking election, asshole.

3:41: We hope you are enjoying Mazie Hirono calling ACB a liar when she's like "judges can't just rule on things, cases have to happen!" Because of how literally just last week, Alito and Thomas signaled that they totally want to fuck over the gays and take away marriage equality. Judges do this shit all the time.

3:43: HIRONO: Oh look, here is a time YOU sent a signal that you want to reconsider a precedent! In Price v. Chicago, which was about abortion clinic protesters, you signaled that you REALLY don't think restrictions on abortion protesters are fair, even though you HAD to rule based on Supreme Court precedent. And now you are going to be on SCOTUS!

3:53: Hirono with the mic drop on how no matter what, if ACB ruled on an election dispute, there would absolutely be the APPEARANCE of conflict, regardless of whether SHE felt there was, therefore asshole should recuse. But she won't, because that's not what they're hiring her to do. So she will continue to "not take a position."

Uh huh.

Anyway, Joni Ernst. MSNBC cut away, because nobody cares.

4:02: We are not that far from the end, folks. Two more Democrats, one of whom is named Kamala Harris, and a few more Republican idiots. Then this shit will be over. At least this part of the shit.


4:21: Should you take babies from their mommies at the border? Amy Coney Barrett cannot say!

Also Joni Ernst says her daughter has a Black friend. Please go back to Iowa and lose your election, Ernst.

4:23: Also ACB will not say out loud if poll taxes are unconstitutional. So there is that.

4:32: Mike Crapo is just VERY UPSET that anybody might suggest that a mother of Black children might not be committed to racial equality, VERY UPSET!

Fuck off.

4:51: Finally, KAMALA!

Harris begins by explaining to the white woman all the things they used to do to Black people who tried to vote. Poll taxes, tests, people beaten and bruised. Segueing into the Voting Rights Act. This way, ACB has an opportunity to refuse to say whether or not she really liked it when the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act.

4:55: The big question, which should be SOOOOOO simple, is whether ACB agrees with Chief Justice John Roberts that voting discrimination still exists. ACB is unclear on the question and is trying to punt it to being Congress's responsibility.


ACB: "I will not comment on [that]" FUCKING FUCK YOU, FUCK!

5:00: HARRIS: Do you believe there is an imbalance of power between corporations and worker?

ACB: I cannot tell a lie, so I will just say no words.

Harris notes that ACB pretty much always rules against workers, literally 85 percent of the time, because of how ACB is a piece of shit. Harris just listing off the cases, including the time she ruled against a worker who was called the "N"-word by his supervisor.

5:05: HARRIS: Is COVID a disease?

ACB: I guess.

HARRIS: Does smoking cause cancer?

ACB: I don't like this line of questioning but I suppose so, it is on the cigarette pack.

HARRIS: Is climate change real?

ACB: I am an asshole.

5:08: Whew! And Kamala Harris is done. And we don't feel like listening to John Kennedy and Marsha Blackburn yap, so we're going to take a break, at which point it will be over, at which point we will continue taking a break.

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