Poor people like cigarettes! - WonketteBarry Hussein Obama is not just hampered by his relatives Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. His real problem, campaign experts agree, is that he's one of those fancy smart guys who have money and went to Ivy League universities and eat fancy lettuce from Whole Foods. That's alien to most voters, with only 34% of Democrat voters holding a college degree and just one-tenth of one percent of them as wealthy as the Obama family.

Yet Yale grad Hillary Clinton is way richer than Obama and part of a substantially more elite and powerful group of fancy people -- those who have already lived in the White House. So why is she doing so much better in the polls with minorities and the starving classes?

As the first serious female contender for president, she is hardly the natural choice for socially conservative, blue-collar Democrats. But because "they're less critical and less informed than upscale voters, they're more inclined to go with the mainstream candidate, at least early on," says [demographer Ruy] Teixeira.

Oh, right.

So the challenge for Barry -- who appeals to "young, well-off, college-educated elites" -- is to quit talking about that fancy arugula and fleece the poor people with a lot of dumb talk about whatever it is those people care about, and then they will quickly forget he is a fancy lad. Also, he should remind them that he's black, because even though the vast majority of black Americans are not multimillionaire senators, they still might like him if they are told he is black.

We could just skip this whole process and run Election Day like the Iowa straw poll: Give the voters some food and they will vote for you.

Fighting the Arugula Factor [Newsweek]


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