How Can Obama Laugh When There Are Still Economic Problems?

How Can Obama Laugh When There Are Still Economic Problems?

Doesn't Barack Obama and his gang of Chicago Thugs know it's "wrong" in the eyes of the American Jesus to laugh at shit on the computer, when there are people out of work?! This photo was taken on Obama's magic private jet, "Air Force One" (what, he can't take Southwest like everybody else?) during a flight to "Asia," whatever that means. Help us figure out what wingnut porn site Robert Gibbs has bookmarked to cheer up the boss.

So, the scandalous image was purportedly taken on November 12 of this year, 2009, but really, can you trust *anything* from these ACORN street hustlers? (If this is an airplane, then how come there are telephones on the table? Everybody knows you can't use phones on airplanes, and also there are no tables on jets. Jeez!)

Anyway, November 12, "11/12/09," last day on the Mayan long-form birth certificate. What kind of terrible stuff happened on this day, that would make our so-called president and his Merry Men (and one lady) laugh so freakin' hard? Maybe a city of white people got drowned by FEMA?

Let's examine the archives of the Library of Congress:

1. Moonie Times Editor Is Officially Gone, As Moonie Brothers Continue Fighting

2. RNC Makes Cool-Looking Ad That Still Lies About Everything

3. Meet America’s Greatest Colorado State Senator, Dave Schultheis

4. Here’s Some Great News About Orly Taitz!

All great chapters of actual historical comedy, but we're going to have to insist on No. 3, for obvious reasons. [White House Flickr]

UPDATE: Oh, wait, this picture was taken on November Fourteenth, not 11/12. So, uh, never mind.


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