• One of the winners of the Nobel Prize for Economics is some American gal, Elinor Ostrom, who is the first lady economist ever to win. Something about communities and resources, anyway it was uncontroversial! [CNN]
  • So our government is still working out the kinks in its system of telling when foreign people who visit here actually leave. [New York Times]
  • Bombings, bombings, bombings all weekend in Pakistan, all thanks to the Taliban. [WSJ]
  • There is a new song on the Internet from the dead, apparently self-referential pop star Michael Jackson called "This Is It." [LA Times]
  • A gang of British Greenpeace people had a sleepover party on the roof of the Palace of Westminster to let everyone know how much they despise climate change, and also politics. [Guardian]
  • China is so excited to be able to sell Hummers soonish! There are some minor "regulatory emissions things" to figure out, but other than that, just pure excitement. [Reuters]

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