How Is Maureen Dowd Committing Journalistic Malpractice Today?

There is a bit of girl-on-girl violence going on at the moment, and it has nothing to do withMitch McConnell and his Tea Bag friend. But who is instigating this Mean Girl parade? Oh, it is Maureen Dowd, imagine that. And why should she go to Journalism Jail today?

Just for being, generally, the kind of lady "journalist" who probably is the reason Aaron Sorkin makes every one of his lady "journalist" characters a complete fucking emotional wreck of a nitwit who can't find her labia majora with both hands and a mirror. (Because she and Aaron Sorkin used to bone. Sorry, try not to think about it.) Let's get into it, we guess, sigh.

So some of you may remember, now that Anthony Weiner is not going to be mayor of New York, that there are some other candidates for mayor of New York, and one is a lesbyfriend named Christine Quinn, and the other is a nice progressive fellow named Bill DeBlasio. They are having a hard-fought race!

DeBlasio's wife, Chirlayne McCray, was being interviewed, and she said some stuff about how Christine Quinn does not talk about things like education and mandatory sick pay and things that are of concern to her, McCray, as a woman. McCray also said Quinn was not "accessible," and she didn't feel like she could go up and talk to her.

Here, have a Soundcloud! (It's only about a minute long.)

And then Maureen Dowd wrote a thing that transposed that, and elided it, like so:

Asked why Quinn was not rallying women, McCray, a mother of two, replied. “She’s not accessible. She’s not the kind of person I feel I can go up to and talk to about issues like taking care of children at a young age and paid sick leave.”

And now Christine Quinn is like "why are you saying you can't talk to me about your kids, is it because I don't have kids because I am a lesbian WTF."

Which, if McCray had said it like Dowd said she said it, would have been like that! Except it wasn't.

Fuck you, Maureen Dowd, you are terrible and the worst.

[NYMag / Soundcloud / NYT, h/t @stefanjbecket]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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