How Joe Biden Almost Had Cocktails With A Queen On Super Bowl Sunday

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How Joe Biden Almost Had Cocktails With A Queen On Super Bowl Sunday

You might've heard that President Joe Biden was scheduled for an interview on Fox Soul Super Bowl Sunday. You're probably also wondering, "What the hell's Fox Soul?"

Fox Soul is the Fox network's "little-known" streaming channel. That's literally how media outlets describe Fox Soul, as "little known." It's like a personnel review where you're graded on a scale of "barely known," "little known," and "almost known." Fox Soul is holding on in the middle there.

The streamer's original programming includes "The Sharpton Sisters," "Brutally Honest with Jasmine Brand," "Crockett's Corner," "Cocktails with Queens," and "The Business of Being Black with Tammi Mac." With those titles, you don't even need actual shows. I'm already thoroughly entertained.

Friday morning, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tweeted, "The President was looking forward to an interview with Fox Soul to discuss the Super Bowl, the State of the Union, and critical issues impacting the everyday lives of Black Americans. We’ve been informed that Fox Corp has asked for the interview to be cancelled."

It's adorable how she dropped "Fox Soul" in there like we're supposed to know what she meant. It's like when a mechanic says your car needs "a new Johnson rod."

Biden was nobly trying to maintain the tradition of the president sitting for an interview with the network that broadcast the Super Bowl. This year, that was Fox, but Biden didn't want to waste his time with those assholes on Fox News. Biden's team rejected Bret Baier and Shannon Bream. Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs should've followed Biden's example. Here's the poor woman with Bream, who barely a minute in is already talking about "Democrat (sic) governors."

Eventually, it was decided 72 hours before kickoff that Biden would do an interview with Fox Soul, which is seemingly not simply a Black version Fox News. It would've been friendly turf for the president. Maybe that's why Fox Corp. canceled.

The White House told NBC News Friday, “As we said earlier, we had arranged an interview with FOX Sports Host Mike Hill and Vivica A. Fox with the president ahead of the Super Bowl and Fox Corp had the interview cancelled. FOX has since put out a statement indicating the interview was rescheduled, which is inaccurate.”

Vivica Fox was a campaign surrogate for Biden in 2020 and continues to support him. Hill and Fox, as well as the general manager of Fox Soul, James DuBose, had all flown to Washington DC Friday for the interview.

Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis argued that Biden bailing on an interview with an actual Fox News anchor was possibly a missed opportunity.

“Any time you get to speak to that many millions of Americans, it’s an enormous positive,” he added. “You gotta do it, no matter who is asking the questions.”

Wow, that is some really bad advice. Biden gains nothing speaking to some partisan hack who won't even say "Democratic Party." It's a far better use of his time to reach out to the demographic who got him elected and will actually work hard to keep him in the White House.

The usual gang of idiots at Fox News smeared Biden as "gutless" and too "petrified" to answer their hardly fair-and-balanced questions about the Chinese spy balloon or, we guess, Hunter Biden's penis laptop. We think Biden made the right call.

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