Guys guys guys, the world's greatest interview took place on the BBC, and it was so good, and I laughed SO HARD, please please please just this once watch the video.

Oh my god, the darling little girl walking in all DURR DA DURR DA DURR, and the dad is so lame, and then the baby in the walker breaking the LAND SPEED BABY WALKER RECORD and then the mom, and the crying, and the dad can't get up cuz you know Mr. North Korea Foreign Policy Esspert ain't wearing no pants.

Don't you think we should watch it again???


Now cometh a womyn, for to shit on it.

Basically, the message this video delivers to me is: being a man is playing life on the easy setting. Once again, the yawning awareness of the patriarchy shits on my ability to enjoy something. I can see why so few female Moles are feminists.

Here's the worst/best bit of the video. When Mr Pundit doesn't even turn round to acknowledge his child, but instead gives the little tyke a gentle shove to get out of the way.

Feminist Mole, that is not the best part of the video. The best part of the video is ALL OF IT, and how each piece builds on the previous!

If a woman had done that, we wouldn't be sharing the video while wiping tears of laughter from our eyes. We'd be knee-deep in a tedious discussion about whether she's a terrible mother and whether her career of Korea Takes was leading her to ignore the small, simple pleasures of watching a child dance like a loon.

Mole, nobody thinks the dad is awesome. Everyone thinks the dad is -- at best -- a douche and at worst a TERRIBLE PARENT. But yes, we don't know many mothers who would straight-arm their child out of frame; most of us would gather her onto our lap and keep talking. YAY COOL MOMS! BOO LAME DADS!

Also - ALSO - Mr Pundit shoves the kid back with the easy reassurance of someone who knows that another person is going to swoop in and deal with the kids. This, you feel, is the kind of guy who refers to looking after his own children as "babysitting".

Stretching, Mole. First, there's no "easy reassurance." He's actually quite hapless, and even discombooberated! Second, someone is going to swoop in and deal with the kids because at the moment, DADDY IS ON TEEVEE.

It also exposes one reason why there are more men delivering their opinions all over our televisions most days - because women are doing the behind the scenes work needed to make that feasible. True equality will not have been achieved until we see a father desperately clawing at a baby wheeler while a woman talks about the rising threat of nuclear war.

This is just backwards. Women aren't on teevee because there's no slots left after you sign five John McCains to come on your show every Sunday, not because there aren't people behind the scenes to do their childcare for them. Women work! And they either have paid help, or husbands (sometimes both, but let's not get crazy!)! Dude doing a TV shot in his home office isn't the patriarchy; it's a dude working, like most of us have to. IT'S FINE.

Of course, this is all cruel projection. For all we know Mr Pundit might otherwise be an exemplary hands-on dad. Perhaps he's changing the nappy of a third, hidden child under the desk with his feet. It's not his fault that the patriarchy exists, and also annoys me so much.

That's better. Try to remember that feeling. Because there's plenty of systemic Real Sexisms to get our menses up about without taking it out on Dork Who Works From Home And Got To Be On TV Once. If that guy's The Patriarchy, I am the ruthless Catherine the Great.

HUSBAND. PUT THE BABY DOWN AND MIX ME A BEVERAGE. Just drop her anywhere, she'll bounce.

Rebecca Schoenkopf

Rebecca Schoenkopf is the owner, publisher, and editrix of Wonkette. She is a nice lady, SHUT UP YUH HUH. She is very tired with this fucking nonsense all of the time, and it would be terrific if you sent money to keep this bitch afloat. She is on maternity leave until 2033.


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