Kayleigh McEnany, the Harvard Law grad who now takes a paycheck for pretending to be extremely stupid for the Trump campaign, has thoughts on that little thing Donald Trump told George Stephanopoulos in the Oval Office. You remember! (Because it was two days ago.) That's when he confessed that he'd like to commit some crimes in the 2020 election and let America's enemies undermine us yet again by helping him get re-elected. As you might imagine, McEnany's thoughts were very stupid thoughts, because that is her job.

Trump 2020 press secretary: Campaign will handle foreign dirt on "case by case basis" www.youtube.com

MCENANY: The president's directive as he said -- a case by case basis -- he said he would likely do both, listen to what they have to say but also report it to the FBI -- that's what he ended on, on that soundbite -- and his directive right now is look what the Democrats have done. They are the ones who have done this. And it's notable there is media outrage and no discussion of the Steele Dossier, written by a British spy, paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton, and that information being from Russian sources given to a British spy perpetuated through the FBI.

Oh for God's sake. When the Trump campaign was looking for somebody willing to freely lobotomize herself in servitude to Emperor Shitmouth, they sure did find the right job applicant!


Look, we know Trump issued an open invitation to hostile foreign actors (yes, he sure did, despite what this trifling dipshit says) to help him win re-election, because he can't win the normal way due to how America despises the very sight of his face. And we know -- we know -- that Trump is a hostile foreign intelligence service's dream, because he is vain and stupid and easily manipulated by flattery. Same goes for his entire campaign team. (You think the Saudi princes won't try to approach Jared Kushner and Don Jr. to interfere with the election again? Hell, foreign intel people all over the world have been picked up in intercepts talking about what an easy mark Jared is!)

We guess for the Trump campaign, doing it on a "case by case" basis means if they're approached by 10 Russians each day, they will only call the FBI on the one or two whose foreign dirt is really sucky, or who don't even have foreign dirt, and only said that to get in the door. Any election interference from hostile nations that's helpful -- all the rest of them, in other words -- will probably be fine.

As for taking Trump's mouth vomit as a "directive," Kayleigh, are you aware that actually he is not the arbiter of what you should be doing here? (If he jumped off a bridge while eating a Big Mac with his right hand, grabbing them by the pussy with his left hand, and using the rest of his body to commit other felonies, would you do it, too? You WOULD? What is WRONG with you?)

The chair of the Federal Election Commission had to come out yesterday to make a statement she never thought she'd have to make, letting everybody know -- IN CASE THERE ARE ANY PARTICULARLY STUPID KIDS IN THE ROOM WHO DON'T KNOW THINGS, KAYLEIGH -- that accepting anything of value from a foreign nation, intelligence service, or just a foreign person in general, is AGAINST THE FUCKING LAW IN AN AMERICAN ELECTION.

As you can see in the transcript above, the McDumbass also engaged in Kremlin-style whataboutism, saying this is the SAAAAAAME as the Democrats paying for the oppo research that became the Steele Dossier, because this is their only talking point. Wonkette explained yesterday, and also last year, why Trump jizzing himself over help from a hostile foreign power is different from the Democrats buying oppo research, and you should read it if you don't know the difference yet. The short answer is that there's a difference between a campaign paying fair market value for contract work and a campaign receiving stolen dirt from a hostile foreign power. The even shorter answer is that one of them is a fucking crime and the other one isn't. (SPOILER: The Democrats did not do the crime.)

In other McNews, McEnany has been on TV this week doing as Trump instructed and lying about the campaign's godawful internal polling numbers. Not only does she say Trump is beating ALL Democrats everywhere who ever lived, she also says Trump might win Oregon! You betcha! (And as soon as they start handing that internal polling data to a Russian spy like Paul Manafort did in 2016 -- on a CASE BY CASE BASIS, OF COURSE, JUST LIKE KAYLEIGH MCENANY SAID -- maybe he will!)

Based on these truly laughable lies, we won't be surprised if she gets named press secretary -- not that that's even a meaningful job title after how Sarah Huckabee Sanders shit all over it -- so maybe we can get used to listening to her stupid face more and more in the coming months.

Hoo ... ray?

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