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Oh no, everyone at Fox News is embarrassed about all their constant knowing lying coming out, and Tucker Carlson's January 6 blowjob is so transparent that Bret Baier has to come out and say "to be clear, no one here at Fox News condones any of the violence that happened on January 6.” So that's a real humdinger! (Brian Stelter at Vanity Fair)

Radley Balko looks at the state of the media in the context of "trying to open up the libel laws," the idiots who want the Supreme Court to overturn New York Times v. Sullivan, how that would affect rightwing media (badly! because see above about how they know they're lying all the time!), and the foul cretins calling to "exterminate" "transgenderism." It's a sprawling piece with arms like an octopus. — Substack

Louisville Metropolitan Police been fucking up Black folks (and other vulnerable people) with excessive force and racism a long long time. (NBC / Department of Justice report)

Beginning with the 1980s LAPD, this 2022 Protean mag story shows cops doing terrorism in the name of the Drug War. I stopped reading at the Geraldo Rivera raid special; it's both harrowing and grotesque.

Five Texas women sue the state — not to overturn its abortion ban, but to demand clarity on when they can have an abortion to save their own lives, after each of them almost died. Even the guy who wrote the bill is all DURR DURR DURR NOT SPOSED TO KILL THE WOMEN DURR. — CNN / Suit

Good God that's a lot of abortion stories for one day, Abortion Every Day. Of note: All of it really, but particularly the "Students for Life" who are planning to spend their moments on God's green earth picketing pharmacies.

But here's a Nice! BAM, Michigan repealed its 1931 abortion ban. BAM. (WZZM)

Oklahomans stomped recreational marijuana — and expunging possession convictions, which affect Black Oklahomans four times as much as whites — two-to-one in a crazy-low-turnout election Tuesday. (Like 25 percent low turnout.) Gov. Kevin Stitt scheduled the special election a month after a different special election and a month before a third, because they hate voters and citizen action. (Bolts mag)

DETROIT TENANTS VS. EVERYBODY! (I see what I did there!) — Outlier Media

I hope Iceland's Person of the Year (for being the best most awesome guy) sues all fuck out of Elon Musk, I really really really hope he does. (Daily Beast)

How stopping deforestation stops spillover pandemics, and how we can all help. Really smart and good from Pro Publica.

Nonagenarian Black farmers are still waiting for their USDA "Pigford" settlements — for racism that was endemic and systemic in denying them USDA grants, a history the still-dead Andrew Breitbart weaponized to cancel a Black woman from her USDA job — and now they're still waiting for their "race blind" Inflation Reduction Act grants that replaced the specific grants to Black farmers like them after white farmers sued Joe Biden for reverse-racisming them in the American Rescue Plan. Yeah, people fucking suck. (Civil Eats)

This is not an ad for Atmos, but it seems (I have done no diligence!) to be a good banking alternative, investing in clean energy and giving you cash back when shopping with certain environment-focused partners. (Remember when we all had that one lefty credit card and phone service, Credo, which we used to call in to Air America?) If you use this link, the wonderful Civil Eats gets a Tubman.

Ima make a oatmeal BLUEBERRY PIE. I already have the Penzeys arrowroot and the Penzeys vanilla sugar and the Penzeys cream of tartar to do it! (I have a Penzeys problem. But that's okay, they have a Wonkette problem!) (Penzeys)

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