How Much Racist Misogyny Can Rep. Paul Gosar Pack Into A Single Tweet?

How Much Racist Misogyny Can Rep. Paul Gosar Pack Into A Single Tweet?

Rep. Paul Gosar from Arizona, a proud member of the GOP Sedition caucus, tweeted this deranged image on Sunday:



There's so much going on here, most of it racist and sexist. The meme apparently depicts a sex worker leaning over a stopped car and saying, “$50 WHATEVER YOU WANT BABY." The driver responds, “CAN YOU TELL EVERYONE AMERICA FIRST IS INEVITABLE." (The story is ludicrous.)

So, what in the frizzy heck is this? “America First Is Inevitable" is the supervillain-styled motto of the white nationalist dung heap led by Holocaust denier and all-around racist crackpot, Nick Fuentes. Gosar delivered the keynote address at Fuentes's hoodless klan rally in Orlando, Florida, last month. Fuentes tweeted a photo of Gosar and himself drinking coffee at a diner. “America is proudly uncancelled," he boasted because idiots won't let up on this point.

Fuentes and his knockoff Nazis were often present at the one-term loser's hate rallies last year. The so-called "Groyper Army" were deeply involved in the January 6 insurrection, and several members were arrested for storming the Capitol. Fuentes remains free to enjoy non-integrated coffee with a US congressman. This is weird because there's video of Fuentes literally inciting people to attack the Capitol.

Gosar swears up and down that racism isn't cool, but he also thinks the leaders of today should try and connect with the cross burners of tomorrow.

GOSAR: There is a group of young people that are becoming part of the election process and becoming a bigger force. So why not take that energy and listen to what they've got to say?

Rep. Liz Cheney, who represents a GOP that exists only in Aaron Sorkin scripts, called out Gosar for speaking at the “Groyper" convention.

CHENEY: I think the organization that [Gosar] spoke to is one that has expressed views that are clearly racist … This is not the kind of an organization or an event that other members of Congress should be participating in.

I've been very clear about the extent to which we have to stand against white supremacists, stand against anti-Semitism. And that should not be part of our public discourse.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Minority Whip Steve Scalise remained silent. McCarthy has time to read aloud from Green Eggs and Ham, so he presumably should have time to denounce white supremacists in his ranks. After all, Dr. Seuss shredded the “America First" sentiment in his cartoons, directly linking it to Nazism.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, one of just 10 Republicans who supported the second-annual impeachment, responded in apparent shock to Gosar's tweet: "What? I just.... you're a US Congressman. And the cartoon doesn't even make sense." You'd think this would've crossed a line with actual GOP leadership, but McCarthy is a coward whose moral compass points only toward the nearest access to power.

McCarthy considered it in his best interest to discipline and marginalize Steve King after the now-former Iowa congressman made repeatedly racist remarks ... for decades. Republicans in both chambers of Congress called on King to resign in 2019. This bold, moral stance was apparently short-lived, as the party now embraces the “energy" from white nationalists and QAnon bigots. There's still no blood in the water for Gosar, a loyal supporter of the twice-impeached thug. Gosar's own siblings have called him a racist, but McCarthy is keeping his mouth shut.

Gosar's creepy meme was on Twitter, where he usually pretends that he's normal. God knows what he posted on Parler. During the Capitol attack, he called for peace, while denouncing Black Lives Matter protesters, but at the same time, on Parler, he posted pictures of insurrectionists invading the Capitol with the caption, “Americans are upset."

Unfortunately, few Republicans are upset about Gosar's ongoing flirtation with white supremacists. This isn't an extremist fringe. It's their base.

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