How Sad Are You That You Are Not At The 2018 Flat Earth Conference Today?

How Sad Are You That You Are Not At The 2018 Flat Earth Conference Today?

This weekend, hundreds of people are gathering in Denver, Colorado for the 2018 Flat Earth Conference -- two whole days of people with suspiciously Andy Warhol-like hair yelling "Where's the curve?!?" and talking about ice walls -- and we are missing out! Flat earthers are kind of the best of all conspiracy theorists, because aside from a few fascists and anti-Semites in the mix, they are mostly harmless cranks who just want to feel like they are way smarter than all of the scientists. As far as I know, believing in a Flat Earth, while stupid, has never hurt anyone -- which is honestly kind of refreshing these days!

Still, we can be there in SPIRIT, thanks to some footage of the event procured by local television station WQAD 8.

Via WQAD 8:

"Was there ever any debate when you were in first grade and you were learning about cosmology? Was there anyone who disputed it ever in your whole life? but now?" Dorothy Novak, flat Earth believer, said to KDVR.

Well, conventional wisdom and science say the world is indeed round, right? "Look with your own eyes. Go out to the beach on a cloudy day. Are the clouds curved?" asked Novak.

God bless you, Dorothy Novak. You are a treasure.

Here, also, is a very good YouTube video that is bound to convince you GLOBISTS that the earth is, indeed, actually flat.


Though personally, my favorite flat earth videos are the ones that are just random videos of beaches from people who think they should be able to see the curve of the earth with their very own eyes.

Toronto Skyline from Hamilton Beach Curve Test -

So sciencey! Just like those other videos I love where the people spray vinegar into the sky to dissipate all the chemtrails!


Anyway, SHEEPLE, this is now your open thread -- so feel free to share all your favorite flat earth memes and videos or talk about whatever else.

[WQAD 8]

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