How The Obama Smear Email People Respond When Confronted With Elite Facts

How The Obama Smear Email People Respond When Confronted With Elite Facts

Wonkette email operative "Bob," like many Americans, has received an email claiming that Obama is a Muslim, a.k.a. Not American. These patriotic emails are the only way to stop the Obama Conspiracy that threatens to Blackify our government. But Bob, most likely a Liberal, was not so sure he wanted to accept the email as truth, so he replied to the sender that Obama is not a Muslim, and if he were a Muslim that would be acceptable. For this, Bob received the reply, "whatever, he's not american, white or black......" Despite the authoritative double ellipsis, "Arugula Bob" still couldn't understand. And that prompted a longer response from the Smearer to Bob, which we have copy-pasted below the jump.

it is in the american constitution, that says i can say what i want! i am not making a factual statement, i am stating how i feel, and first off, who are you anyway? i dont want a president obama, ok,, i have nothing against black americans. i have never reffered to him as black anyway. i didnt want hillary either ok, and from what i can tell she is a white american woman. president barack, just doesnt sound right to me, and you will see that my fellow americans feel the same way, ok. you want a wager on the election let me know. state all the silly facts you want, the breadbasket of america, doesnt want president obama bin laden leading the country. so know you know how i feel about the whole thing. thank you

an american patriot.

ps. 911 would never have happened in hilters' country. now you are going to cry about that also right, don't get me wrong hitler did a few things the wrong way.. ok. i understand that, but he was a creation of the brainwashing forced on to him. 911 was the worst day in my life, i dated someone who was in the building, and i lost a cousin that day, so dont try to tell me about a president obama!

Why can't Bob also feel that Barack Obama is not an American? John McCain, at least, does not smell like a Muslim, or taste like an Osama bin Laden.


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