How To: Blow Shit Up

mryuk.jpgLiquid explosives -- how can you make them work for you? Today's prepared, cutting-edge terrorist knows how hard it's gotten to get a shoe-bomb, box cutter, or snake on a plane. But now, with liquid explosives, anyone can plot the next Lockerbie. But which liquids do you use? Vinegar and baking soda? Coke and pop rocks? No. Baking soda and pop rocks are not liquids.

Thankfully, the mainstream media, who hate America even more than you, are at your service. Find out just how helpful they can be, after the jump.

We'll start with some informative graphics:


The Washington 'Post', left, and MSNBC, right, encourage you to dig through your medicine cabinet before your next plane, train, or subway trip.

And that's just the beginning! Today's newsmedia is a veritable Anarchists' Cookbook (except accurate and not entirely funded by the CIA)!

In this case, the specific plan was to conceal a liquid bomb ingredient -- acetone peroxide, also called the "Mother of Satan."
The top of the bottle would contain the original beverage, allowing terrorists to even drink from the bottle if questioned by security.

A co-conspirator on the same flight, another terrorist, would bring the detonator -- in this case the filament found in a disposable camera's bulb.

Thanks, ABC! L.A. Times, you got any more advice?

Its essential ingredients are acetone, the active component of nail polish remover, and industrial-grade hydrogen peroxide, a colorless, odorless liquid that looks like drinking water.

"All I have to do is take them in the restroom with a standard water bottle," said Neal Langerman, president of Advanced Chemical Safety, a San Diego consulting firm. "I empty the water out, I mix them in the bottle, and before I'm done mixing them, the reaction has already occurred and the plane is in serious trouble."

See you at CVS!

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