How To Complain At Restaurants, According To Restaurant Owners. Tabs, Fri., Jan. 28, 2022

How To Complain At Restaurants, According To Restaurant Owners. Tabs, Fri., Jan. 28, 2022

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The single parents who were elated that the expanded Child Tax Credit was letting them do things like "fix the 100,000-mile car they need to get to work" and the disillusionment now that Joe Manchin fucked it in the ear. This story is important. It's also goddamn dispiriting. (Politico)

Claudia Sahm says the American Rescue Plan was the most successful economic policy in decades, and calls Larry Summers's policies "shit-ass" while she is at it. It seems a shame we can't KEEP THE FUXKING CHILD TAX CREDIT GOING BECAUSE IT SEEMED TO BE FUCKING IMPORTANT. — SAHM substack

One night, a million years ago, I was out dancing in the Columbus, Ohio, Radisson, when a former soldier told me that they had to escort empty Halliburton convoys in Iraq so Halliburton could charge for more trips. They wouldn't have minded getting blown up if there were supplies for the troops, he said, and he was burning with contempt — but there weren't. I never reported it, because how would I have ever gotten proof of such a thing? I just love talking to people in bars. But I was reminded of it by this WaPo:

“I think that, by and large, [Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain is] making the trains run on time — even though some of the boxcars may seem to be empty some of the time,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.).

Biden, with Klain’s help, secured a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill and a landmark infrastructure package, which Klain’s supporters cite as evidence of his effectiveness. But the president also has faced setbacks in taming the pandemic, failed to pass his marquee social spending and climate legislation, and spent much of the year enmeshed in messy congressional negotiations. Along the way, Klain has drawn criticism that he is overly concerned with elite opinion, as reflected in his active Twitter presence, and that he is aligned too closely with Democrats’ left wing.

It's not the "left wing" that gave Joe Biden empty box cars. That's Joe Manchin, fucking those empty box cars (and single moms) right in the ear. And that's when I clicked close tab.

"Blame the Progressives" is the new dance craze that's sweeping the nation! David Rothkopf in Daily Beast says to STOP IT

Reps. Jackie Speier and Carolyn Maloney say the ERA is the law of the land. It doesn't seem to be quite that simple, reading the OLC memo (which says that Congress can extend the original spent deadline), but I kind of like "just make like George W. Bush and announce what reality is and dare them come and take it." (Ms. Magazine / OLC memo)

Retiring Texas Republican state senator says their gerrymandered maps were some racist bullshit. — Texas Tribune

THAT Robin Vos? And that Hillary Clinton? LOLLLLLLL. Sure, Wisconsin Republicans, <let them fight gif>.

Tensions have been simmering for months. But they boiled over in recent days with nasty accusations and bitter recriminations. Trump-aligned Wisconsin GOP state Rep. Timothy Ramthun falsely accused Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos of being in league with Hillary Clinton. Vos responded by stripping Ramthun of his lone staffer.


Jim Acosta for Chris Cuomo's slot sounds fine to me, Tommy Christopher at Mediaite!

Well now I am sad I told Dok he couldn't do the Butterfly Refuge pizzagating, because I didn't know it was QAnon butterfly pizzagate! (Daily Dot)

Chatcave: Dok asks if there will be enough stupid Breyer reactions for a full post.

Hahaha oh Dok. Now you can do the butterfly pizzagate.

Oh this is the big Jann Arden hit from the '90s Sarah McLachlan days when she was famous that she keeps talking about on her hilarious show "Jann" on Hulu where she's playing some version of herself: a fat middle aged blond lez narcissist trying to do a "The Comeback"-style comeback and her family is so well fleshed out and it's so funny and good.

I remember it! Shy doesn't! What I am saying is you should watch the first two seasons of "Jann" on Hulu unless you are Canadiawonks, in which case you can also watch season three.

Are you a Canadiawonk? How you like your "freedom convoy truckers" who can't wait to show the world what "Canadian deplorable" looks like? Neat! Fun! Fun and neat! — Sault Star

Ever since Bari Weiss declared she is OVER this PANDEMIC on this MOTHERFUCKING PLANE, people would like to know: Just who the fuck is stopping her from doing whatever she wants? Good one by Alex Pareene. (Substack)

This is sweet: What Amy Schneider learned being trans and winning so much money on Jeopardy! (Less about the money.) — Jeopardy!

How to complain at a restaurant, according to restaurant owners. Aaaaand it literally didn't answer the question at all. WTF, Food and Wine? This is me, complaining at you. I should have stuck with How To Store Potatoes.

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