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Yeah uh huh, a 40-year "secret," that definitely none of us knew, about Reagan negotiating with Iran to keep the hostages, because fuck that traitor. — Gift link New York Times

Tom Scocca was nine and saw through that shit. (I was eight, and distinctly remember my father saying the Iranians knew Reagan was too tough for them, and so they preemptively gave him the hostages. Jesus Christ, DAD.) So did everybody else except the Democrat-led congressional committee (and my dad) that said CIA fucker Bill Casey "wasn't in Madrid" when he was supposed to have been in Madrid so never happened. (Many years later, guess who was confirmed to have been in Madrid, no, you can't, it's too hard.) (Indignity)

Also one time, I was teaching my "scandals" class at UC Irvine and was looking and looking for a citation I KNEW I'd read about George HW Bush being actually in Paris despite whatever debunking that said George HW Bush was not in Paris for whatever Paris-based skullduggery was supposed to have occurred, and when I finally found it, it was Alex Jones. So that was ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Elizabeth Warren is PIIIIIISSED and offers Fed Chair Jerome Powell a 10-page "astonishing list of [his] failures." Elizabeth Warren talks, I listen. (Senate) More bank regulation nerdery, from the Roosevelt Institute. (Roosevelt Institute)

Don't want to sound like Nancy Reagan, and obviously DRUG WAR is not the answer, but I don't know what to do about the new meth that's inducing severe mental illness in people. Yes, the number one contributor to homelessness is the lack of housing, which is really bad, but we're lying if we act like severe psychosis induced by meth isn't contributing to the issue. I've shared this tab before, but I keep coming back to it every time there's another story in one of our metro dailies about people dying on the trains (LA Times) and buses (Denver, via the Washington Post), and what that means for the working men and women driving those trains or taking those buses, because the answer can't just be IT'S ALL FINE. — The Atlantic

Yes a shiny new Michigan prosecutor is doing what the cretins elected him to do: threatening to charge a librarian over Gender Queer. Do click for the badass librarian's response, but also loooool: "One resident checked the book out and took it to the police, Churchill said. The police returned the book to the library." (Bridge)

You probably don't have a Freep subscription because you're not cool like me — Wonkette spends an average of $400 a month on newspaper and magazine and substack and Better Homes & Gardens subscriptions! — but if you do, here's a loooool interview with badass librarian and a deeper splainer on Gender Queer and why that prosecutor is wank dot gif.

Without question, there are identifiable protuberances, and Miller told Bridge he saw in them an enticement for teens to commingle.

Get a grip, Churchill said.

“You’re differentiating between two or three panels,” she pointed out. “Then you could pick up a romance novel and turn to a two-page description of how to insert a throbbing you-know-what.”

I have read those romance novels. There are a lot of throbbing you-know-whats! (Detroit Free Press)

The indispensable Erin in the Morn has been watching hundreds and thousands of hours of state anti- (and sometimes pro-!) trans legislative hearings, for years now, and has updated her US map of safe states, high- and low-risk states, and FLEE states for our trans friends and children. (Substack)

The difference between debt when vulture capitalists take out a loan on a company to give themselves dividends, and when they're going after you because your mom owed a bunch of money to mortgage companies and whomever else. Old Cory Doctorow, with the caveat that his section on the perpetuity of student loan debt is no longer operative now that Old Handsome Joe has rejiggered the REPAYE program (underreported story!). — Pluralistic

Simon Rosenberg says Ron DeSantis's MAGA lurch is bad for him politically, isn't that a shame. (Substack)

Minnesota Republicans are feelin' real SAD about the Democrats (Democratic-Farmer-Labor, actually) passing so many LAWS, how is that even legal??? Oh the tears! And actual screaming and shouting and crying on the floor. — Minneapolis Star-Tribune

From the comments, wowwwww this new orchid that looks like crystalline glass! (CNN)

Dreamy English cottage garden! Needs more pix. — Real Simple

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