roy orbison singing fer the lonely hey that's me and i want you only - WonketteJust when you thought every possible variation of Election 2008 website has already been started and hated, here's one that is actually kind of funny: Lonely Candidate. Whether Republican or Democrat, white or one of the two blacks, Mexican or Mexican Hater, all candidates share one stupid habit: They're all sure they're the "only candidate" to do or promise to do whatever thing candidates do or promise to do, once they're never elected president.

Here are some "fun" highlights from this new website we will try to remember to check on every once in a while:

* Mike Huckabee says he's the "only Republican presidential candidate in the history of the country to go speak to the NEA."

* Dennis Kucinich is the "only candidate willing and eager to challenge the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies."

* Barry Hussein Obama is ""the only candidate that can unite people to get things done."

* Chris Dodd says: "I'm the only candidate that gets mail from the American Association of Retired Persons and diaper service."

Oh this is so awesome. Now we're the only Wonkette Editor that's going to eat some poison, the end.

Because it's lonely being the only [Lonely Candidate]


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