How To Pay Off Up To $10,000 Fast! Tabs, Wed., March 25, 2020

How To Pay Off Up To $10,000 Fast! Tabs, Wed., March 25, 2020

Here is a delightful story about Tim, the Cowboy Museum's security guard who has been put in charge of "the content." — CNN

There, now that that's done ...

Oh Disneyland and Disney World, what are you doinnnnnng? Disneyland and Disney World plan to reopen April 1. (THR)

CNN: Pastor bused in a thousand people to his Louisiana megachurch. That's one way to get raptured.

"Trump and governors in heated debate over saving lives vs. the economy." What a time to (still, for now!) be alive! — LA Times

Why we should not freak out about new polls showing SO MANY DUMB PEOPLE approving of Trump's (!!!) handling of coronavirus so far. (HonestGraft)

Why Elizabeth Warren is everywhere on coronavirus. (HuffPo)

Oh nothing.

CNN: Dr. Birx says everyone who's ever even seen New York on television needs to stay the fuck home, they got the rona.

Charles P. Pierce, Esq., has a thought on that!

(But also? New York has alllll the cases. Except Louisiana, whose trend is VERY FRIGHTENING. New York and visitors, and Louisiana, and everyone, AND DISNEYLAND, AND THAT PASTOR, kindly stay the fuck home!)

Upright Citizens Brigade does not seem to have laid off its employees in the most awesome manner possible. (LAT)

Vox splainers the Senate's proposed unemployment benefits. Pluses: way more money than usual! Helps freelancers who used to not get helped! Minuses: some other stuff, who knows, it was kinda long.

Perhaps this also might be of use!

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