How to Succeed in SCOTUS-Blogging Without Really Trying

Yep We Sort Of Love Bad PhotoshopUp-and-coming polibloggers, a useful tip: Say you "hear" that Rehnquist is resigning. You do, right? You "hear" it from other blogs, Robert Novak, and pretty much the entire establishment media. Now, make it specific. This week, today, this morning, 11:23 am, whatever. Links, for some reason, will follow.

And it doesn't matter if he stays on the court until he's issuing rulings as a disembodied head -- people have been getting the date of the other apocalypse wrong for years.

UPDATE: Well, the world's gotta end sometime: "Rehnquist: Fat Lady to Sing?"

Rehnquist Retirement Watch [ via FishbowlNY]

News Flash! Chief Justice Rehnquist Slated to Resign this Week [US Liberals @ via FishbowlNY]


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