How To Tell If Queen Elizabeth Doesn't Want To Talk To You. Tabs, Tues., April 28, 2020

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Might've been just a couple teeny tiny excess deaths in the early weeks of the pandemic, like maybe twice as many as were actually attributed to COVID-19. (Washington Post)

I'm sure after you read about how the meatpacking plants lied to employees and forced them to work while sick, plus so so so much more, you'll agree with Mitch McConnell: The most important thing to do for the next stimmy bill is ensure businesses are immune from lawsuits for getting their employees sick. (WaPo / WaPo)

This might be important? The intel community put OH FUCK, CORONAVIRUS! in his Presidential Daily Briefings a dozen times in Jan. and Feb. But nobody could have predicted they'd fly airplanes into buildings. (WaPo)

Eric Boehlert thinks 58,000 people dead is a lot of people dead and that doesn't even count the 15,000 excess deaths in that last link. — PressRun

The Andy Slavitt/Scott Gottlieb plan for tracing. (NPR)

This Judd Legum special about the Trump donor who got $196 million in "small business" loans from the Paycheck Protection Program, well, IT IS A LOT! —

Oh, the second round of PPP funding melted down already, on its first day. (New York Times)

Paul Krugman smells austerity coming, and he ain't like it! (NYT)

This lady is one of the organizers of "Reopen NC." She is mad that she could not go protest to reopen NC because she is positive for COVID-19 and so they made her quarantine. She says not getting to spread a deadly virus is against her First Amendment rights. I am not making this up. (CBS)

Bye Diamond and Silk! You were terrible and dumb :( — Daily Beast


The dude who invented N95 masks and some SCIENCE for you NERDS! —

What the fuck is up with Michael Moore? His newest production, Planet of the Humans, is an anti-renewable energy screed that actual energy experts are HORRIFIED BY; they say it's all climate-denial memes from 2012. Michael Moore is a fucking nihilist. (

Gizmodo's Earther says the film almost asks some good questions before it assumes all environmental groups are just neolib shills and goes full ecofascist. So that sounds fun, and like it definitely won't tear the Left apart, climate change edition. — Earther

Should you buy this "Okowatt" or the older, identical "EcoWatt"? Lol no. — Truth or Fiction

UFOs again, some more. (CNN)

This guy Deep Prasad explains why they are HOLY WOW, besides that they are UFOs. Should you use one of your Medium posts on it? Better than using them on a Medium post comment!

Liz explains hey yo, what is up at the Supreme Court with Trump's subpoenaed taxes? (Above The Law)

Daily Beast explains hey yo, there was a gun control case and we got a reprieve, not a win. Supreme Court Conservatives Lay Out Their Plan to Shoot Down America's Gun Laws

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