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I'm certainly more inclined to support Silicon Valley Bank "bailout" for greedy idiot startup CEOs due to "the Fed did it" (clearly am going to have to read many more splainers) than any of the other possible reasons, but anyway cool job "the Fed." (The American Prospect) Here is a splainer, it feels pretty comprehensive! (NoahPinion)

I would do that tiny type that Al Franken used to use for Alan Colmes, but none of you old people with your old eyes would be able to read it. Anyway, Mike Pence is bravely whispering that President Trump was (tiny type) wrong when he tried to murder his own vice president. — Politico

Margaret Sullivan says it's "appalling" how the press is fellating mini-dictator Ron DeSantis (correct) but her column could have used some calling out by name. (Guardian)

Florida Nazis just seizing the day! (NPR)

Feel like they kind of buried the lede on this story about the adjudged mentally incompetent man arrested for threatening to kill all the gays and transes and also Joe Biden, Gretchen Whitmer, and the FBI:

Investigators also learned that within the past year, Michelle had bought three long guns and a handgun for her son, who is not allowed to have them due to his mental health issues. According to the affidavit, Randall has ammunition and body armor, and he has shot the weapons.

Michelle baby what you doin.Fox 2 Detroit

A little deeper on how Walgreens is entirely full of shit when it claims it's just following abortion law when it decides whether or not to distribute the abortion pill, from Judd Legum at Popular Info.

And another from Judd: Tucker Carlson side by side with Tucker Carlson.

Is Jim Jordan's "weaponization" subcommittee good? No, it is not-that! — Bulwark

It took almost 60 years for Army to "find" the paperwork (twice apparently) for Col. Paris Davis's Medal of Honor after he disobeyed direct orders to leave his men. But that's all been straightened out now. What? Yes of course Col. Paris Davis is Black, why do you ask. (Military)

What is a "tradwife"? It's this gross fundamentalist Catholic (or other) cosplay of Nazi Volk homemaking. (Vice)

If you're too old to know who the Red Scare girls are — putative, unconvincing leftists — you're not alone, but they're just cold throwing parties with Roger Stone now, for freedom. (Daily Beast)

For the opposite of shitty antifeminists, I love this story very much: Hollywood and Judy Blume, together at last. — Gift link New York Times

"Gannett: We're better than Alden!" is not a terrific motto, and it's almost not even true anymore, because woof. Joshua Benton eats its face off at Nieman Lab.

Samuel Gompers licks my face. Science says I am very tasty and also full of cat germs. (Scientific American)

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