Howard Kurtz Fights Back

Howie Kurtz's chat yesterday got bum-rushed by Democratic Underground refugees, and after a few rounds of moderately polite responses, he pulled out the big guns:

Re: Reston, Va.: Howie, you very disingenuously avoided answering Reston's question. Why is the media so preoccupied with the Democrats having no plan, instead of with the plans (or lack thereof) of the administration currently in charge?

Howard Kurtz: Yes, I DISINGENUOUSLY denied writing something I had never written. How fiendishly clever of me.

Omg! Kurtz has DISCOVERED SARCASM! And, really, once you turn hit that caps lock key, it's sort of hard to turn off:
Rockville, Md.: I read your column on Shephard Smith today. It was pretty good, but one thing you forgot to mention was how drop dead good looking he is.

Howard Kurtz: Guess I missed that CRUCIAL DETAIL.

We look forward to Kurtz's next chat, which we expect to make liberal use of the rejoinder, "...NOT!"

Media Backtalk, Monday, June 20, 2005; 12:00 PM []


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