Hugo's Book Club

We loved the Hugo Chavez show. And then he pulls out the Chomsky ... incredible! Sadly, Hugo didn't fulfill our second prophecy: Guatemalan friendship bracelets handed out to all the brothers and sisters at the UN ... except for the Devil guy.

Literary agents and other such hustlers will do anything to get an author on Oprah's show, but Hugo's plug for Noam may become the new standard for book publicity. Chomsky's book is No. 8 on Amazon right now. That's pretty freakin' good for some pencilhead. Actually, that's incredible for any author of any kind of book.

And guess who gets the No. 1 slot tonight? Frank Rich. We heard him on the "Fresh Air" on Wednesday, and as far as we could tell he was just jabbering about NYT columns he wrote in 2003. Good enough for the Top Slot! Bestsellers


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