Human Soba Noodle Richard Cohen Pees On Ghost Andrew Breitbart

Opening his "valuable" Washington Post opinion page real estate with a tantalizing promise to speak ill of the dead, Colonel Sanders impersonator and usually vapid old coot Richard Cohensort of delivers!

It is not nice to speak ill of the dead, my mother once told me. But it is okay, I think, to speak ill of those who praise the dead when the deceased was best known for sliming a well-intentioned and wholly commendable public servant or for exposing a politician who had already exposed himself.

Nobody really believes that Cohen's mother said any such thing, because nobody ever says that (do they?) but it is nice of Cohen to ground his public grave-pissing in brave opposition to a moral claim! But why-for so very heated and uncollegial with the poor late Mr. Breitbart? Do tell, Richard! Do tell!

Every journalist knows the expression “too good to be true.” But for Breitbart, the Sherrod story was too good not to be true. It had to be true. She was exactly the kind of person that a left-wing, socialist, Muslim president like Barack Hussein Obama would like to appoint to high federal office. Call Breitbart’s tactics what you will, it wasn’t journalism.

Well well well, look at Richard Cohen! Apparently he thinks it is Open Try-Out Season at Your Wonkette, meow!

Perhaps if Andrew Breitbart were a real journalist instead of a louche blogger, Richard Cohen might have presented his objections in a more Civil and Genial manner. But since we are in basic total agreement, we will take a page from poor martyred Rush Limbaugh, who can use all the help he can get, and merely say, "Ditto." So "Ditto, Richard Cohen!" Like so. [Washington Post]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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