• Rahm Emanuel wanted Obama's Senate seat for himself -- it is a fucking object of inestimable worth -- and asked Blaggy to save it for him. Still, he didn't offer Blaggy any famous nine-fingered handjobs in return. [TPMMuckraker]
  • Howard Wolfson is taking his porn and his Bon Iver mixtapes and his dumb blog to New York, where he will be bringing some of the old Clinton Campaign Magic to Bloomberg's now-doomed re-election team. [The Caucus]
  • Here is Brit Hume's farewell ode to Brit Hume; the former and latter will be starting his depressingly vague-sounding new job as Fox's "Senior Political Analyst" in 2009. [Michael Calderone]
  • How much does America know about this C. Hussein Kennedy? Literally nothing, but things seem Muslim, don't they? [The Fix]
  • Oh hey Merry Christmas: The unemployment rate is the highest its been in 26 years. [Daily Beast]

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