Clown Tries Out Comedy Routine At Public Meeting-Riot


In the Los Angeles suburb of Bell, California, several hundred angry citizens showed up at a city council meeting to demand that four of their five council members resign for earning exorbitant salaries and letting the town become an "epicenter of corruption," the Wall Street Journalreports. Many people in attendance shouted and waved their arms around, but the highlight was a patriotic circus clown who took advantage of the moment to tell jokes about rattlesnakes and lawyers, or rattlesnake-lawyers. (It's hard to hear him, what with all the yelling.)

According to the WSJ, Bell's local government has been overcharging the fuck out of its citizens in property taxes to cover high pensions, those crazy-high salaries (more than $800,000 for the city manager of a place with about 40,000 residents?!), and who knows what else. Attorney General/former governor/future governor? Jerry Brown is now investigating Bell's finances, and state lawmakers are trying to pass legislation to dissuade future Get Rich Quick government schemerisms.

Speaking of getting rich, you have probably considered becoming a Patriot-Clown comedian at some time in your life. If you ever decide to take that plunge, here's a Very Important Style Tip to follow: Do not wear an American-flag clown suit like the Bozo of Bell did. The print is far too busy and will distract your audience. Stick to solid red, white, and blue for your outfit, and choose a wig in a matching color. This will help you look put-together and professional, which will maybe help convince your local teevee news to run the punchlines of your jokes, if they're gonna broadcast your jokes at all. (BTW, your Wonkette learned at Glenn Beck Joke College that the difference between rattlesnakes and lawyers is that most lawyers have arms and legs.) [ Street Journal]


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