Awaiting oral arguments When all of the sex talk in an election year surrounds the gender of one of the presidential candidates, you know something is horribly wrong. Thankfully, the Massachusetts governor's office has offered up one of its own in what we hope to be the first in many exciting sex scandals in this winter of our discumtent (hat tip to reader Caspar Weinberger -- that's your real name, right?). Steam rooms, $500-a-night Florida resorts, and 15-year-olds, after the jump!

The perp: Carl Stanley "Tits" McGee, Governor Deval Patrick's assistant secretary for policy and planning and notorious Boston dandy. Allegedly he blew a 15-year-old boy in a steam room at the swank Gasparilla Inn & Club in Boca Grande. The boy reported the incident, McGee was arrested, and did we mention that this all happened over a month ago?

Yes, this all "went down" on December 28. The Boca Beacon and its blog, the aptly named Boca Nut Telegraph, wrote about it in January. McGee was placed on administrative leave January 7 while his coworkers in Boston were told he was "out sick." [For a month?? -ed.] The Boston Globe reported the story today and now we bring this very important information to you, the reader.

In a refreshing twist on the old "hypocrite gay" theme, McGee is a Democrat and an actual supporter of gay marriage. His own blessed nuptials were widely publicized in The New York Times two years ago. So, there's that.

Boston man faces assault charges [Boca Beacon]

Key aide to Patrick accused of sex assault [Boston Globe]


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